Has it come to and end?……already?

And so, on Saturday evening, after another wonderful visit, a ‘talk’ was had….and I haven’t really been the same since, save for snippets on Sunday evening and on Monday morning/afternoon-ish both snippets of happiness brought about by the same situation…and then I find out over the weekend as well that something…or is it someone now that I had assumed (even though I knew better) was a forgone issue isn’t quite a forgone issue. I am just living mehn, enjoying the days when I am “shitting unicorns, confetti….& champagne bottles” *wink* and throwing myself in my work on days like today. I doubt this is over though, I hope it isn’t, the potential for it to be beautiful is just there…but for once I don’t want to have to fight for anything, I’ve been fighting my entire life, I am tired. Whatever He wills though.

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