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Sometimes i look at my mother & just marvel. My mother is the strongest person I know…i realise how odd that statement seems because of the stereotype definition of ‘strength’ that everyone has but that is (i) utter bollocks (ii) an argument for a more philosophical post…not that this isn’t a philosophical post but this isn’t really up for debate.

Anyways, I have marveled at how someone can be so strong & resolute and yet you never forget, for one nano second, that she is all woman. She has still been able to retain that essence of womanhood…of “feminine”. Not in that ‘militant’ woman sort of way…but through watching her over so many years i have come to learn that the greatest show of strength usually comes in a show of love, compassion, patience, selflessness, sacrifice…she has taught/shown me how to live in not too many words…and if people watch my actions in my life and see the hand, existence, love of God…then i know that wherever she may be, she is proud as a peacock….God bless you mama, may your children make you proud.


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