And then what…?

Okay, after all the drama, she’s yours now comes the drama as a result of the fact that she’s yours…she is an exceedingly inconsiderate person though, she is. I want to believe that it is driven by fear, I know i’m right cause this shit seems all too familiar, l dont want to make the mistakes i made the first time around though, I know whats coming but i’m wondering how long will this continue but know what i do or not, i’m human….it’s in my hands though….i’m praying to the Almighty, for wisdom, for strength, for courage because this will be hard, very hard.

I’m already tired of being taken for granted…but in all this, i can see just how much i have grown and I can see the amount of progress I have made, therefore if this is all I walk away with, I am ecstatic. Like before, I can see the beauty in this person, bringing it out is the Herculean task because her inability to feel someone else’s pain or see things through someone else’s eyes is unbelievable. The difference here is, she isn’t 18, you might expect that at this age, some things would have been learned…but then again, she has’t been through anything at all, not a thing. I’m so frustrated because this is the last place i wanted to be at this time, this wasn’t the plan, not at all….but my principle remains the same, you don’t give up on people you care about…I wish this was making me feel better…but it isn’t, not one bit…so why the hell am i doing it?


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