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Not quite a rant

I need a life line, like, i feel like I am drowning. I need help but who to ask…I’ve begged and i’m still begging God. i know He answers prayers, he has answered several of mine before….this though…I can see … Continue reading

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Shitting Rainbows, Unicorns…..& Champagne Bottles

This has been sitting there for almost a year. Humans are such complex beings…which is totally odd because the best way to live is to keep things simple. Simple is easy to understand, hard to get mixed up and all … Continue reading

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The problem is…

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph over good is for good men to stand by and do nothing.”….my response is simple, good men dont stand by and do nothing where they see evil. About two days after the … Continue reading

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Shut Yer Piehole, Charles Bukowski!

Originally posted on A Buick in the Land of Lexus:
? Why wouldn’t you take writing advice from this man? ? The writing gods have buried me. I’m a ghost trapped in crippling indecision. Which ME should I write? smart funny…

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Politically Correct Christianity

Originally posted on TruthNotes:
Be careful of what you say.  In a world of political correctness, that’s good advice.  It’s politically incorrect to say that Jesus is the only way to heaven.  Those who dare to make such a claim…

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King Maker

“That woman is a king maker, as in, she only raises kings. If she raised you, you are a king….you can blame him but you can’t blame him, when women are all around you, you fit no know when you … Continue reading

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Lessons I’ve Learnt….?

My childhood wasn’t the happiest childhood…funny thing about it is I had to grow older to realise just how unhappy my childhood was…my father used to physically abuse my mother, one image that is forever etched in my memory is … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

sometimes your efforts will be in vain….sometimes people that are meant to will not consider you in any given matter…understand that you are alone in this world, relationship, marriage, whatever…despite all this, you will need to be good and try … Continue reading

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And then what…?

Okay, after all the drama, she’s yours now comes the drama as a result of the fact that she’s yours…she is an exceedingly inconsiderate person though, she is. I want to believe that it is driven by fear, I know … Continue reading

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Untitled II

Sometimes i look at my mother & just marvel. My mother is the strongest person I know…i realise how odd that statement seems because of the stereotype definition of ‘strength’ that everyone has but that is (i) utter bollocks (ii) … Continue reading

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